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December 19, 2012 / kristieinman

17 day water fast journal

before afterThis is my before and after picture, I didn’t really take a before, and that’s a lousy picture of me, but it’s all I had.  I did this water fast to lower my blood pressure, not as weight loss, I don’t think I could have done it just for weight loss.  My Dr. wants to put me on a script and I feel too young and I wanted to exhaust every avenue first.  According to other journals I’ve read, I had it pretty easy on my fast, I’m not posting this to encourage people to necessarily do a water fast, but to look at the option at least   And reading other people’s journals helped me, so maybe I can help others who are fasting as well.

I have some web sites here for those who would like to do research, and there is even one with negatives for a balanced perspective.  I should say that it is suggested this be done under a Dr.s supervision…but I don’t roll that way:-)


December 2nd ~ Day 1 ~ Bp 122/86

I started my 10 day water fast on December 1st @ 3:00pm.  It was kind of a cheat day to start because I fast on the first Sunday of every month anyway as part of my religion.  But when I fast on those Sundays I don’t take in any food or drink, so when I broke the fast with a glass of water it was heavenly!  I do have a little bit of a head ache, but that could also be due to the wild 2 hours in nursery with 12 little ones, or the Munice city Christmas concert I just sat through (it was good, just lots of people and noise).  I want to go crawl in bed, but David is on his way up.  There’s also a Christmas devotional tonight I would like to watch, so I may grab a catnap.  Anyway day 1 down…9 to go!


December 3rd ~ Day 2 ~ 150/102 ~ weight loss 4.5 lbs

I was taking a low does Bp med for three days before I started my fast, so I’m wondering if it had kicked in for day 1’s reading.  I didn’t feel right about taking medication yet, not when I had not tried everything yet.  This fast has also not left the family, I don’t want others knowing I’m doing it…not until I reach day 7 or eight and prove that a person can live more than a day without food.  And I am living just fine.  My stomach growled around 11:00, the normal time it would growl for lunch even if I had breakfast. But I haven’t felt really hungry or fatigued.  It’s 4:30 pm and I just returned from a practice of the winter concert our school is doing.  At work I kept things low key trying to conserve energy, but I was able to do my job without any problems.  Last night I went to bed around 7:00, and may again tonight.  I didn’t sleep well, but I think I may have psyched myself out by reading somebody else’s journal of her 10 day fast and how she couldn’t sleep. Nothing else about her journey has applied to me, I’m not ravenously hungry or anything.  I do wonder if ketosis (using my fat for energy) has kicked in early, I’d be cool with that.  I started my period on the day I started my fast, I don’t think I’m experiencing any difficulties due to that.  I do pee more – lots more! I just hope the liquid is grabbing toxins to take out with it.  I went to the store and bought some distilled water, Bill said it grabs onto impurities in the body better.  We just have a filter on our sink.  I put down close to 3 quarts, I wonder if one can drink too much on a liquid fast.  The information I found suggested 2 quarts of water a day.  I try to sip all day to keep my breath from getting icky, working face to face with children I would hate to have bad breath!  I won’t do mints, gum, or even a Calms to help me sleep, just water, I don’t want to mess up any progress I’ve made.

I feel very positive about this fast; I know it will click my body back into sync.   I’m excited to prove to myself that I can do it for 10 days, so on on into my 3rd day now, the first 50 hours down!


December 4th (mom’s birthday) ~day 3~ 148/98 ~ weight loss 7 lbs

It’s 3:44pm. One more week, it seems so far and yet so near.  Christmas season always flies by.  I came home for lunch today and did some sun salutations and hung out for a bit.  I think if I start talking to my friends at work I’ll let it slip, I want to wait until next week.

My cold seems to be diminishing, I was hoping that would happen faster, but I think it is on its way out.  I didn’t sleep very well again last night, I’m exhausted now though. I came home from work and started some bread for a Relief Society meeting I’m going to at 6:30, I think I’ll take a cat nap while the dough is rising.

Curious…Do I need to floss when I’m not eating?

I have great support from my husband and children.  I’m grumpier than I should be, they are troupers.

December 5th ~ Day 4~ 134/96 ~  weight loss 7.6 lbs

It’s 4:36 and I’m starting my 5th day, my daughter just congratulated me on making it half way through, it didn’t hit me that this was my ½ point until she said something.  But then I’ve been reading from a website called Fitness Through Fasting and am wondering if I might need to extend my fast to 30 to 40 days.  I have also realized how blessed I am because I have not gotten nauseous, and only have feel dizzy once or twice.  I’m not as hungry as I thought I would be.

Today at work was teacher appreciation, so the break room was filled with goodies and cookies, I just didn’t go in there.  It wasn’t hard.  But being next to my five year old while he’s eating a pb & j on fresh baked bread just about killed me.

I came home for lunch again and did some lite yoga.  Tomorrow I won’t be able to do that, in fact I’ll probably be the one who will be picking up take out for my friends.  They still don’t know.

I am more emotional, I am also feeling more mellow.  I’m OK with it, at least I can still accomplish everything I need to.  Last night I left the Relief Society meeting early, so I wouldn’t have to be around food, although I had made bread bears and made it, so I probably would have been OK.  But I wanted to get some shopping done before it was too late.  I still didn’t get to bed until 11:00, and I woke at 5:30 – not near enough sleep.  Maybe I should skip the nap I was planning for today and see if I can get to sleep earlier.  Tonight I go to the church for a Young Women’s in Excellence program, I’m sure there will be some sort of refreshments there.  Then tomorrow is a very full day with the school’s musical practice all day, then the performance that evening. Friday will be hardest, a friend and I are putting on a Christmas party for some couples and I’m making treats, Bill’s making hot cocoa, and there will be tones of yummy stuff there brought by other people.  It’s not really the temptation of eating that bothers me so much, but rather being around people who might notice I’m not eating. I don’t want to explain myself….yet.

Pretty bummed with the low weight loss, but I’m glad the Bp is going down.  Cold gone except for a tickling cough every once in a while.

Dec. 6th ~ Day 5 ~ 134/86 ~ weight loss 10 lbs

It’s been a busy day, I have a batch of cookies in the oven, yes I’m baking, so I figure I have 7 minutes to journal.  I woke last night around 2:00 and felt hungry, so I tried envisioning the hunger turning to my fat and appeasing itself, it must have worked, I eventually fell asleep.  I told one friend today, one I knew wouldn’t judge me or worry about me, she trusts my judgment.  I helped her pick up lunch today for the “stage crew” of our Christmas production from Noodles, the smell was heady!

This morning I had Bill test me -out of curiosity- on the length of my fast. My body seems to feel like a 17 day fast is more in order, so I’m going to try to go until the 17th.  I’ll retest every once in a while to see if things speed up.  The good thing is  I’ll be hitting all the Christmas parties on my fast, so that will keep me from being naughty and over doing my eating.  Our last day of school is the 21st, so I’ll have work to keep me occupied; I was concerned about being home every day and trying this.

Dec. 7th ~ Day 6 ~ 125/94~ weight loss 13 lbs

Bill pointed out that I’m losing over 2 lbs a day, if that continues for the full 17 days that would be 34 pounds.  I know about 5 of those will pop right back on because of water weight and eating again, but even a 29 pound loss would be cool!  I think people are seeing a change in me, today people kept asking if I was doing something with my hair, I think it’s funny.

I have felt more worn today, not good since I’m helping to put on a couples Christmas party tonight.  My baking is all done for it, I was thinking about some gingerbread cookies, we’ll see. I’ll take a nap and go from there.

Dec. 8th ~ Day 7 ~ 136/98 ~ weight loss 15.6 lbs

It’s 7:27 pm and it feels like 10:00pm!  Our 5 year old is not sleeping very well and woke us up at 3:00am, and again at 5:00 am, so much for sleeping in on the weekend.

I took our dog for a 2 mile walk this morning, knowing that I was risking tiring myself out for the rest of the day, but I needed to get out and do it anyway.  Bill and I went to Indy for our monthly shopping trip.  I realized how much I really love food walking through the stores!  But it didn’t kill me and I’m very happy about reaching the 1 week mark.  1 & ½ weeks to go – I can do this.

Dec. 9th ~ Day 8 ~ 129/93 ~ weight loss 17 lbs

7:45 pm – Yesterday my mouth started itching on the roof, today as well, it didn’t start until after noon sometime.  It’s just irritating, not sure what’s causing it.  Another odd thing yesterday, my face got super red, my kids thought I had a sunburn.  It went away for the most part overnight, I woke and put aloe gel on it just to be safe.

I am nursery leader at church, so I spend 2 hours with some pretty rambunctious little tykes.  I was fully exhausted after church and took a nap when I got home.  I had woken at 5:00 and came down to make 5 dozen cookies for a thing for school, so it had been a long day.

Sometimes I get slight waved of nausea, but nothing I can’t handle, I think I just need to accept that I’m going to feel hungry for the next 9 days….I’m at my half way point!


Dec. 10th ~ Day 9 ~ 127/98 ~ weight loss 18 lbs

Today was rough, I felt so innervated, I came very close to taking ½ day, but I stuck it out.  I’m getting dizzy more when I stand, I have to stand slower, and that’s not in my make up.  I came home for lunch and took a short nap, that did help some.  One of the teachers at the school makes a ton of bread for the staff as a thank you for help at the winter concert.  She had a loaf just for me in my mail box and the lounge table was covered with them.  I brought mine home and shared it with the kids, they loved it.

I think something in my psyche was still holding on to the 10 day fast, one more week seems like such a looooong time!  If I’m this weak and dizzy for the rest I’m not sure I can make it.  Plus one pound loss in weight wasn’t exactly a positive, But I’ll keep going, at least for as long as I can function.

Dec. 11th ~ Day 10 ~ 129/96 ~ weight loss 20 lbs

Well today was much better!  I was afraid that if I felt like I did yesterday I wouldn’t make it.  I’m slowly telling people about my fast, I think most don’t believe I’ve gone without anything to eat for 10 days.  My weight loss is becoming more noticeable as well, so I’ll probably be telling even more soon.

I woke at 4:30, got up and made a huge pot of marinara sauce.  I thought I could freeze most of it after dinner tonight, then the kids will have some easy pasta meals ready.  I let it set on the stove and simmer all day, the house smells AMAZING!

Bill and I were discussing these weird things happening to me through this fast, like my mouth itching, my face getting red, and yesterday….we decided it’s like some sort of geology dig in my body.  As my body is eating through the fat it’s uncovering long lost illness that have to come out.  I hope there aren’t many more surprises!

Dec. 12th (12-12-12J) ~ day 11 ~ 115/93 ~ weight loss 20.5 lbs

Another big weight loss day ….grrrrr.  I really want to lose 30 lbs on this, and these small loss days worry me.  Nothing new to report.

Dec. 13th ~ day 12 ~ 120/91 ~ weight loss 22.5 lbs

Dec. 14th ~ day 13 ~ 123/86 ~ weight loss 22 lbs

Yeah, I didn’t miss type that, I gained ½ pound.

Yesterday was our staff Christmas party.  There was a scavenger hunt that took us all over town and I was running – yes running! All over the place.  I was surprised by the energy I had. We then went to a Mexican Style buffet, and it was loaded!!  The smell was exquisite, and I think I might have gained the weight from breathing in Mexican food…. Actually Bill said that exuberant exercise can impede progress, so there’s a lesson learned. I have been freely talking to people about what I’m doing now.  The arguments that it’s not healthy don’t hold a lot of weight when I’m standing there looking great (or better than I did) and functioning just fine.  Most still are worried, but that’s the way with most things I do.

Today was just a normal day.  I have noticed that I’ve had heart burn a few times these last couple of days, which is weird since I’m not eating anything.  Probably some reason, but I’m not worried enough to study it out.

Dec. 15th ~ day 14 ~ 110/93 ~ weight loss 24 lbs

My day was slow getting going, I actually slept in until 7:45, it seems most mornings I’m up around 4:00am on this fast.  I feel the need to mention this just so other’s on this journey can know what to expect: my husband and I have been intimate a few times through this fast.  It does wear me out thoughJ.  So after our romantic encounter we hustled our daughter to her piano recital.  I came home and made tortillas for the kids’ lunch and then vegged out, Bill suggested I go take a nap, so I did.  Now I’m making a veggie side dish for our church Christmas party tonight, which I’m not sure if I’m going to make it to or not.  I wanted to have the gingerbread house kits made before our family night on Monday, maybe tomorrow.

For the first time in this fast I dreamt about food, stupid weird dreams.  As Tuesday draws nearer (today is Saturday) I am looking forward to the juicy orange!

Dec. 16th ~ day 15 ~ 127/91 ~ weight loss 24.8 lbs

Up at 4:00 am – couldn’t sleep.  So I came down and made gingerbread dough, by the time the dough was done I was pooped, so I went back to bed.  But all in all my day was packed, church, I lead choir and am nursery leader, so that was draining.  Home for a 20 min nap, made more cookies, pot of chili, took family photos, went to bed at 7:00pm.  It’s 9:00pm now, I thought I’d better get my journaling done.

Dec. 17th ~ Day 16

Just didn’t get around to anything with journaling – sorry.

Dec. 18th ~ Day 17 ~ 140/101 ~ weight loss 28 lbs

I came home for lunch very excited about my orange!  Actually it was a Clementine, but still juicy and delicious.  I couldn’t eat even a whole ½, so I took the rest to work and ate the rest at 2:00.  When I came home I diced up some water melon and cantaloupe and pretty much ate that for the rest of the night.  I slipped in a chip- then Bill yelled at me for taking in slat and the risk of edema, but it was good anywayJ

I told myself I wouldn’t weight myself for a week, knowing a few of those pounds will come back on.  I was perturbed about my Bp, I hope it was a fluke.  I’m done…horay!

Dec. 19th

Just a quick note to say I’m having a hard time eating, I get really nauseous.  Bill made me a shake to last the day, but I ended up drinking it all in a couple of hours, so that’s a big part of the problem.  I did do a warm water enema this morning to “prime the pump” so to speak.  It’s 1:30 (came home from work because of the nausea) and I had a little nap and am feeling much better.  Energy level still awfully low.  Bp today was 126/92, so that’s better, and I couldn’t help it, I got on the scale this morning, I have gained back 1 pound.



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  1. Anonymous / May 27 2013 9:41 am

    There are people who actually died after a full-meal they had after 30 or 40 days of fasting or so. Please, beware that you need to take it slowly, first with fruit juices the first couple of days after you finish the water fast, then introduce solid foods veeery slowly. You really don’t want to get into real danger.

  2. cel / Jul 24 2013 4:26 pm

    This inspired me so much great job and thankyou.

  3. Rick / Dec 31 2013 3:47 pm

    Thank you for sharing your journal. Well done. It is an inspiration.

  4. ellie / Apr 14 2014 9:52 pm

    what was your starting weight please?

    • kristieinman / Jun 13 2014 6:22 pm

      I started around 240 lbs, 10 of those stayed off after the water fast.

  5. Prabu / Jun 13 2014 12:40 am

    How is BP now? Are you still on med? I am doing water fast for High BP, I am on 16th day today. My readings and patterns are very similar to yours.

    • kristieinman / Jun 13 2014 6:22 pm

      My Bp is still down from what it used to be, but not as low as it probably should be. I kept 10 lbs off permanently from the fast. I now do occasional 5 to 7 day water fasts just to clean my body out and stick to CRPC (calorie reduced portion control) way of eating.

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